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Google: Cinefog


Competitor analysis
Low-fidelity wireframes/prototypes
High-fidelity layouts
Visual identity




3 Weeks

The challenge

To build an easy-to-use, intuitive, and accessible food delivery app that allows users to quickly order their favorite food. I wanted a clean and visually appealing experience that conveys a minimal and delightful feeling for the users, every time they open the app. 

Mockups - Cinema Website.png


The first step was finding out who are the most frequent moviegoers in Brazil. For this, I conducted secondary research and interviews, so I could understand whom I was designing for.

The insights:


Youth is predominant

People between the ages of 16 and 25 are the most active moviegoers, with a frequency 53% higher when compared to other age groups (Source: Datafolha).

The visual matters

People tend to choose a movie to watch based on the media and advertising surrounding the production. Along with that, the trailers and images are a big factor when analyzing which movie to watch.

Coming back strong

With the reopening of movie theatres throuought the country, movie theatres are the most targeted activities between users.

Convenience is king

Social distancing also contributed to an increase in online ticket ordering. Throughout 2021, online platforms such as “” witnessed tremendous growth in ticket orders.

Reimagining popular ticket ordering experiences

Along with the research, competitor analysis revealed user pain points and common problems encountered with the ticket ordering process:

1. Visually cluttered interfaces;

2. Information overload;

3. Poor and fragmented navigation;

4. Too many steps for the checkout process.

Handling common problems

With the groundwork complete, I formulated the ideas for how to build an experience that tackles common user pain points.

Rectangle 243.png


Following the research process, I was able to construct sketches and low-fidelity prototypes, and start to demonstrate a basic idea of how the interaction is gonna happen through the website. This way, I could start testing and analyzing what was necessary, unnecessary and what needed improvement in the experience.

Sketches & Low fidelity.png

The identity

Style Guide Cinefog.png

With a simple color palette, I focused on contrast and visual accessibility. The typography was thought with maximum responsiveness in mind.

The solution

Based on all the insights I had gathered so far into the process, I developed high-fidelity prototypes.

Frame 30.png
iPad Pro 11_ - 1.png
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